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I’m going to say something hugely controversial in most of the prepping community. If you are new to prepping or having trouble getting past the reading about it stage because it all seems so scary:

Do not prepare for a global disaster. 

Prepare locally, pray globally  |  Mom with a Prep {blog} - don't get caught up in all the world-changing events...prepare for yourself and your family for the day-to-day changing emergencies now. Then Pray.

There, I said it. I fully expect some backlash, and I’m willing to take it.

My new motto is: Prep locally, pray globally. I cannot possibly prepare for every single eventuality of doom that may come. It’s physically and financially impossible for us to do so. We, as a family, have decided to take our approach of  – be prepared for our own “the end of the world as we know it” scenario to the best of our ability and let the rest play itself out. As we get further into our preparedness in coming years, we’ll branch out, I’m sure. But now, you won’t find 40 years of MRE’s in our pantry, nor will you find the supplies of a prepper trying to stave off a bird flu pandemic or globalthermonuclear war.

Right now, we’re preparing to get 3 months of food water and shelter under our belts in case the Dad in Shining Armor loses his job or my business goes under. What does that mean for us?

  • 3 months worth of shelf stable foods (we do have a freezer, but in the event of a wide-spread power outtage, I don’t want to rely on it solely to feed us over time). This means learning to can and preserve.
  • 3 months of emergency cash – to pay the most necessary of bills (housing, power, internet & insurance). This will mean tightening up our belts to put money away, but it’s really necessary.
  • 3 months of water. Water storage is the hardest because it’s not easy to do. One of our fall backs will soon be a waterBob – a plastic device that can be put into the bathtub, filled, and you have safe water for while. Granted, 3 full months of water in the closet  would be great, but we’ve chosen this as a backup for now to help out.
  • Getting the garden going – in order to be able to feed ourselves fresh vegetables in case we’re without an income, we need to revive the garden we started in previous years and expand it to feed us.

That is our basic goal for the winter. We won’t reach it all by Spring – the budget isn’t that large, but these are the things we’re concentrating on most. We’re not trying to make sure we can win a war against a small third world nation, but we are wanting to be able to survive a small catastrophe for our family without completely falling apart at the seams if live throws us a curve.


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